Monday, December 2, 2013


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"The irony of American history is the tendency of good white Americans to presume racial innocence. Ignorance of how we are shaped racially is the first sign of privilege.

In other words. It is a privilege to ignore the consequences of race in America."
-Tim Wise

I'm encountering a lot of people who are tired of political correctness as if the very act of not being offensive is exhausting. I mean, how tiresome it is to be mindful of what you're saying. 


I mean, really?

I think it is complete bullshit we have an NFL team called the Redskins. Call me a bleeding heart, PC liberal all you want. I'd rather be that than an ignorant, offensive racist. It is almost 2014, we need to be better. I try to explain it this way: if the NFL had a team called the Blackies with a black person as the mascot, we'd shut that shit down, because most of us by now know you can't do that. THE SAME THING APPLIES TO NATIVE AMERICANS. God, as if stealing their land, killing them, etc wasn't enough, we appropriate their culture and get offended at their offense. I am so sick of it. The worst part is that it's generally very privileged white people getting so up in arms against being "politically correct." Because god-forbid anyone takes away their comfort found in objectifying minorities. 

The kicker: when white people use the, "well, why can they get away with calling us cracker [insert any other white slur]." Please, tell me, are you truly offended by that? Is anyone? Right, no. Because we're fucking white and there are so so so many advantages to being white. See:

Sorry I’m being so negative. I’m a bummer, I don’t know I shouldn’t be I’m a very lucky guy. I got a lot going from me. I’m a healthy, I’m relatively young. I’m white; which thank God for that sh** boy. That is a huge leg up, are you kidding me? I love being white I really do. Seriously, if you’re not white you’re missing out because this sh** is thoroughly good. Let me be clear by the way, I’m not saying that white people are better. I’m saying that being white is clearly better, who could even argue? If it was an option I would reup ever year. Oh yeah I’ll take white again absolutely, I've been enjoying that, I’ll stick with white thank you. Here’s how great it is to be white, I could get in a time machine and go to any time and it would be fuckin’ awesome when I get there. That is exclusively a white privilege. Black people can’t fuck with time machines. A black guy in a time machine is like hey anything before 1980 no thank you, I don’t want to go. But I can go to any time. The year 2, I don’t even know what was happening then but I know when I get there, welcome we have a table right here for you sir. … thank you, it’s lovely here in the year 2. I can go to any time in the past, I don’t want to go to the future and find out what happens to white people because we’re going to pay hard for this shit, you gotta know that … we’re not just gonna fall from number 1 to 2. They’re going to hold us down and fuck us in the ass forever and we totally deserve it but for now wheeeee. If you’re white and you don’t admit that it’s great, you’re an asshole. It is great and I’m a man. How many advantages can one person have? I’m a white man, you can’t even hurt my feelings. What can you really call a white man that really digs deep? Hey cracker … oh ruined my day. Boy shouldn’t have called me a cracker, bringing me back to owning land and people what a drag.

The first thing we can do is recognize our privilege. And then not be such huge, massive dicks about it.

I don't want blogs like this to have to exist: I don't want to be associated with this awful, terrible side of a people. Which is why I take the time to be politically correct... it really shouldn't even be called that. It should be called, being a decent human being, thinking before speaking, considering those outside of myself. 

Link-heavy writing, I know, but there's a wealth of material on the internet about white privilege. Last one: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

It's frustrating... by writing (venting) this very post, I'm participating in my skin color advantage. As a white person, I can criticize white people more freely than a minority could, because I belong to this large, ruling group. 

Anyhow. I don't know what any of this means except that I want people to be better. I want people to stop being racist assholes in front of me and then being affronted when I voice my opinion as well. I'm through with remaining silent just to placate. I will not be a willing participant in society's expectations of me to be pleasing, quiet, diminutive, calm. If you feel so free to vocalize your ignorance, I will, just as freely, attempt to educate your ass. 


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