Thursday, August 1, 2013

Exhausted by Nothing Changing

"All our silences in the face of racist assault are acts of complicity." 
-Bell Hooks, killing rage: Ending Racism

I sit in my chair. You sit in your chair. We talk about cats, daughters, baking and inept customer service experiences. Then you assume I'm like you; you assume I'm a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe, a classist. Is it my blonde hair? My white skin? Perhaps my education? Two things hereditary, one thing determinedly achieved. Regardless, you feel comfortable enough (please don't ever think comfort is found is hate) to spew your asinine opinions on gender. On sexuality. On welfare. On abortion. All of it, so awful. 

I will not tolerate the casual use of the n-word. I will not tolerate belittling, gay slurs. I will not tolerate your willful ignorance. I will not tolerate your degradation of immigrants or of the impoverished.

I will. not. and never. ever. tolerate these things.

America, let's get some fucking facts straight:

1) Abortion: government and religious (LOL YOU THINK YOU'RE A CHRISTIAN? YOU GOT JOKES FOR DAYS.) fanatics: stay the hell away from legislating women's bodies. Simply put: you are not welcome. If you don't like abortions, don't get one but don't you ever think you can inhibit a free people from this very important procedure. If you're a Christian and claim that it's murder, you do realize this is not a Christian theocracy, right? This is a country for all religions and those who want nothing to do with religion. Your religious doctrines have no bearing over anybody. Get. Over. It.

2) Homosexuality: love is love, okay? "It's not natural, Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve!" I almost hate to tell people I consider myself a Christian because of all the horrible things idiots have done to a beautiful faith. These homophobic idiots fail to understand that Jesus doesn't give one single shit about a person's sexuality. You know what Jesus cares about? Loving your neighbor and loving Him. Judging? I'm 100% sure He tells us to leave that up to him. Refer to #1: The United States of America, not The United States of misguided Christianmobrule.

3) Racism: STOP. SAYING. THE. N-WORD. It is never acceptable. "They say it, so why can't I?" Because you are not part of a group of people, visible by their very skin color, who have been dehumanized throughout history, specifically by Americans, because of their pigmentation. You will never understand. The best you can do is use your imagination to empathize what it's like without our white privilege. 

4) Women: I feel so powerless sometimes knowing that my gender dictates that my pay will not be equal, I will be under more societal pressure and I will always face sexual discrimination in my chosen industry (Oh hai oil!). I love my state, but to be a woman here is a very hard thing. I'm told what I can and cannot do with my body, which makes me so furious to the point I become numb. Did y'all know Texas ruled that it was okay to murder a prostitute if you pay her and she doesn't have sex with you? No, that didn't happen in 1833, that happened in 2013

5) Welfare: Harkening back to my Christian brethren: you better not ever breathe one word about hating welfare, lazy poor people, etc to me. I bet Jesus would slap you straight. As Christians, you should be the ones leading the way to putting much needed funds in impoverished hands. WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. Also, rich, privileged people: quit it. You have never known a day of struggle in your life. Stop lecturing people who have only ever been handed lemons. I hope they squirt that juice in your dollar-sign eyes. 

Please stop being a bunch of stupid, fucking dickheads. You're stressing me out and making me ashamed of many things: being a Christian, living in Texas, being white, etc. 

I used to sit there and let people spew their vile opinions because I didn't have the energy to debate their idiocy. But fuck it; if they have the gall to offend me, their narrow-minds can just deal with my moral outrage verbalized.

Fuck That Shit,

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