Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sleep Therapy

I crashed last night. After dinner, Tom & I attempted to watch a movie about a tire that was rolling around the desert blowing objects & people up with its mind. We'd recently bought a new chair & ottoman after discovering we both fit into like a glove, able to cuddle & movie in comfortable bliss.

Unfortunately, maybe 45 minutes into the movie & I was snoozing. I knew I was fidgeting like a psycho (thanks twitchy legs & menstrual cramps) so I grabbed my deliciously warm blanket from the dryer & went to bed. I slept hard immediately.

Sometimes it just happens. I cannot keep my eyes open. It's a losing battle with consciousness. Why? Am I THAT exhausted? No?

I think it's my body's self preservation act in progress. Yesterday was a very, very trying day. My body knew if it didn't shut down to put some space between yesterday & today, I would probably explode.

So thank you body. Thank you for knowing, even when I refuse to see it, that sometimes, I need a break. I need time to shut down, process, forget.